Friday, May 30, 2008

Colors of the Week

I just love to experiment. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


group painting by my class

It's been quite some days that I did not post something on my blog. But anyway, I am here now. Splendid things had happened for the past few days. Some were disappointments but most were quite inspiring. I just miss my summer camp students. Will they still remember the lessons and the things that I taught them? All I can say is that I know once upon a time in their lives I've been a color in their canvasses.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Colors of the Week

When I'm not busy. ;)

The Parting

painting using strings

They say that parting is the hardest thing to do. But I say it's a memorable one for me. Today is the last day of our summer camp. There's so many things that were done for the supposedly last day. Well, the children that once entered here from the beginning of the summer class wears that face of uncertainty but now as I can see they were leaving the school with face marked with utter confidence and enjoyment. Well, it swells my heart every time I see them with those smiles and sometimes chuckles. These things were always an enigma of what it is to be a child. These young souls I know will someday continue the cycle of life. I am always hopeful that they will always endeavor to do their best in whatever role they will play in the scheme of life. Like the strings of paint, no matter how coiled the paths are but if you look at the whole picture and be as bright as the colors as always, constantly you will build a beautiful artwork.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tinge on my Basket

my painting of fruits

In the basket of fruits, I realized that we are like the baskets. The teachers are like baskets and the children are the fruits. We do not choose what kind of fruits God placed in our care. But we know that each fruit gives color and beauty to a simple-looking basket. So that when someone sees this basket he will utter, "Oh! what lovely and tasty fruits. A nice basket of fruits!" In return, we receive a recognition just because the fruits that we bear. I always learn new lessons from my children. There is always a new path for each journey. A tinge on my basket. A color of their own.
Whether we are new or an old basket, each fruit that we have will always leave a memory. A tinge on our basket.

The Picture Tells It All

The luminarias.
The song.
The Puppet.
Vacation Bible School or VFE (Values Formation Education) did really make a great experience afterall.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Under Construction: Peace

Today, I am so busy fixing my blogs adding stuffs and the likes. Anyway, I just want to leave a thought. "One that appears worthless may turn to be worthwhile afterall."

The image was captured when we made "luminarias" for our VBS. The message, I guess, is clear.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Birth

Every thing has a beginning. Each beginning is a step towards a wonderful journey. Each journey is unique. Each journey is a milestone of wonder. Strange as it may look but every grain or seed that falls to the ground holds some vast potentials. I am a mysterious creature. I am an extraordinary being. Why? Because in me holds an unimaginable power yet to be discovered.

I am a child. In a sense that the world around me is new. Everything that my senses perceive holds faculty of astonishment. Everything gives rise to an amazement. A wonder. Like a new book about to be opened. The world is not what it is. It is not complete. We are here to complete it.