Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Death, Life and Tattle-tales

Whew..it's been months since I visited and posted something in this blog. It's quite frustrating to know that the year is beginning to end and another time for a new beginning. The pun of words. hehehe. It was like "You have something to post!...Ah never mind that. For a while, I am busy." Procrastination kills. And I am dead. Now. Well, I have so many thoughts to account with. *sigh* It's like the pressure is pushing you left to right. Life and art are waiting yet work is always there to spice things up ,or, shall we say, to squeeze your brains and muscles out. Work is an art. It's good and it's fulfilling but sometimes it just is tiring. *sigh*
Well, what will you do to those children that are quite not pleased already with their schooling because of peer, emotional and academic predicaments in school? Basically as a teacher, I find it quite disturbing and disheartening especially if the child is doing things in school which are already emotionally eating him or her. It's like, you want to help but you know you will just invade their privacy. However open-minded as they are, they sometimes want to do things or try things based on their decisions or prerogatives. Talking about freedom and choice. Adolescent children. *sigh* They cannot understand their feelings, trying to probe their worth in this world and attempting to answer the questions that creep in their minds. Teacher as I am, it sometimes is disturbing to see these children quite disappointed in school. Am I not inspiring enough? It's just another question. Brrrr...Well, well, well.. God bless me. I love my children.
I remembered just this morning telling each one of them "I love you", and some find it disturbing or uncommon for a male teacher to utter those words. Actually it's mixed reactions. Some find it amusing, others fulfilling while others alarming. *sigh* I just love the way they react. It's the first time I said this to them. And I will not tire saying those words again and again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Colors of the Week

I have been out for quite some time and now I am back. Thanks for all who manage to visit my site. I am sorry for the inconvenience (if there's any..hehe).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Colors of the Week

I had been busy for quite a while that's why I haven't posted some photograph last week. Anyway there's some bulk of these right now. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

God Magnified

Today was filled with work and busyness. I can't help but be amazed about the children in my class when they wrote their essay about the great lesson that I presented to them. The story of "God With No Hands" somehow brought different reactions among my students. Some realized that there is somehow a scientific explanation behind the creation of the whole universe. It's just so fulfilling to know that the story really had an impact in their young minds. "God is powerful" is the main core of their explanations which was rather uncommon for their age to fathom. Aside from that they realized also how vast the universe was and how everything in this world follow God's rules. We give them the key to the universe and today I did it. As I give the key I see in them the good stewards God want them to be. I know I must focus on what they are to become rather than what they are now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Colors of the Week

"Is this a fish?"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kung Fu Panda: "There is no accident."

"Yesterday is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why it is called present." It's the line that really leaves a smile on my face. Can't help but think about this line said by Oogway. I don't know who said this first but it has a catch at the end of the sentence. :) Just like the movie which has a twist towards the end when the scroll was opened. I haven't got the idea on it until the "secret ingredient of the secret ingredient soup" was revealed. Nothing. I was quite shocked by that revelation. I can't possibly believe that it was from his "supposed" father that Po can learn the secret of the Dragon Scroll. How ironic to know that a savior could be someone unimaginable. Hehehe. "There is no accident." It means that everything has a purpose. True, right? Everything in this universe occurred because they have their predetermined purpose. Aside from the ass-kicking fun and entertainment given by Kung Fu Panda it also has a lifetime lesson. Definitely this is not an accident.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Yesterday night I watched "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" and I liked the movie for the fact that the message was more of spirituality. Actually more of spiritual metaphors. I just like the way they fought at the last part which was rather a picture of despair and hopelessness. Yet you can almost see how it must end because of Aslan's presence in the movie but quite upholding since he seems hesitant. Evil is always defeated and mistakes are not likely to happen the second time. Talking about the philosophy of not stepping in the river twice. ;) Although full of religious analogies, entertainment per se is not compromised. But what really gives me some lasting memory about the movie was the music played near the end and the credits. Regina Spektor's "The Call" gives it the sentimental, touchy and contemplative edge. Honestly I like the message and the tune of the song. And the nights were always filled with that music.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hehehe..I am smiling. Well, another was done yet another fulfillment was accomplished. I cannot help but smile. :) Today we started the first day of school and it was quite an amusing experience. Of course all the students were from the previous school year's. The reaction was quite taunting, "Few students only? A boring class." Caught off-guard with that comment huh. But the reaction later changed when one student a time filled that seemingly spacious classroom. Greetings here and there. Mixed reactions actually. It caught the emotional man inside me. The initial reaction was then just a cover-up emotion for self-adjustment. Hehehe..Children really are quite exceptional. In every way I say. Hehehe...

The first students that were there were Jules, Lance, Abby, Airah, Bea and Joel. I really miss these young souls. It's just so fulfilling to see them working quietly and with so much concentration. Hmmm..Brings the proud teacher out of me. Hehe..I just smile and thank God. A fitting way of ending the day. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Touching Lives

Once God has touched you, you’ll never be the same.

"There's no time to waste, there's so much to celebrate."

Yes, there's so much to celebrate to life than any other else in this world. When I was so preoccupied with things that this human heart crave for, I learned that everything was dull, lifeless and empty. Vague as it may appear but I knew i already lost something that was meant to be worth rejoicing at that moment. The details no matter how visible they were, my eyes were yet stigmatized by an obvious spectacle. Yes..it was near but my eyes are focus on something far beyond this reason could attain.

But lately, realization spanked me in my face. It's as if everything is clear. The fog is removed. I learned to value life not because life has more to offer but it's that I can offer life, a life that is far beyond this little hands of mine can give. I understand that each little act of kindness in itself the blood of life, the one that sustains all. I wondered why our existence continues to run its phase here on earth and it dawned upon me that it's because of those little kindness that I gave and received everday. Such kindness too little to add a weight on the scale yet too big the equivalent in the heart of those needing it and giving it. To give means not to love but sustain love. Love, the all powerful life source where humanity gets its strength and survival continually begets life.

Before I don't know where can i find such inner peace and communion. The one intimate relationship that this heart longly search. I tried everything to find this peace. And I realized that I found it in the smiles of a pupil, in the corners of the classroom, in the piles of books, journals and papers. I just laughed the idea but i savored every moment of it.The hands of God working here inside this place of solitude. I valued each of it. The work of the innocence was my work of ignorance dawned by mystical knowledge. Knowledge that only God can offer. The children I am handling now are the incense offering that i will offer in the altar of the Most Loving Father. And this children in whom I sow the seeds of love and joy will grow and rise with their Father. And I, being the gardener will watch them. For once in my life, I somehow touched lives that touched also mine.

I Remember the First Day...

the Abba's Orchard Montessori School
Tomorrow is the first day of school. As I sit down in front of the computer memories of the past flashes before my eyes. I remembered my first day as an assistant. Then my first day as a teacher. And now the first day of a new journey. Another dawn.

This is my essay about it.
They said that first times got to be the memorable one. Well all i can say is "it sure is!" It's been the first day of class in Abba's Orchard. It was a blessed day, a day of another opening for school year, another day for a journey ahead and a day , for sure, for another mission. The streets are busy as each vehicle paved their way amidst the slow rustling of leaves. The wind was calm and everything was as peaceful as the gentle rays of the sun. Yes, everything's celebrating the harmony and I am one of them. Dub! dub! my heart beats as the wheels of the taxi approached the welcoming gates of the school. Smiles covered by the long vacation unearth its way on each child's countenances as they greeted each other. I can feel the inner joy and anticipation among them, the excitements as i trod my way on the hall. "Hi sir!, Hi miss!" Greetings was there and here. No paper can unfold such a mystery of happiness that crept my inner soul as I hear those words and see the smiles in their faces. There's my room and there is Ms. Jeni too, silently waiting and giving a reassuring smile to the children. We had a smooth flag ceremony that morning and...Riiinngg! The day was off for a start. Hmmm...There's my little corner, there's my place. There's where Ms. Jeni put me. There in that little corner i first flashed that smile of contentment, of amazement, of appreciation. There is the place where i first caught a glimpse of another roll of friendship, a yet untold friendship with the children. That's the corner where i spent my first day of the schoolyear. The little corner where i will spent my days of journey, the corner where i will spent my days with my mission. God must have place me in that corner to touch hearts, to burn the zeal of knowledge among the children, the corner where i will put my first key to unlock the children's soul. The hidden joys and untold stories will be growing in that little corner of the room, my stories, your stories and the stories of many.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Colors of the Week

Of reds and greens. :) Talk about complementary colors. Hmmm...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Late Night Still At Work

It's nearly 12 midnight but I am still awake. Still making materials for my classroom. Whew! Talking about commitments which was quite sinking in my nerves lately. You see I could just have leave everything because it's supposed to be rest time already but I am driven to finish everything. ;) Well, two days before the class opening and God knows how excited I am. I have my new classroom now which flooded last night. Huhuhu! It rained hard and the water just dripped their way down on the shelves then on the materials and gathered on the floor making something like a little pool. Hehehe. Well, another streak of color on my exciting life. ~.~

Thursday, June 5, 2008


There will be four days before the start of the class and I am already excited and nervous at the same time. You see there will be new and old students in my class. Whew! For the record, this will the first time I will handle a class by my own without being under the wings of someone senior to me. I know there are so many expectations. All things will be crucial for this journey. I really don't know what is laid for me in the future. But one things is for sure that there will be a roller coaster ride ahead. There will be plenty if ink on my canvass and it will be a little messy but it will be fun. There are times I wonder why life is quite enigmatic. I remembered last night when I watched Forrest Gump (boy, I love the movie!), I wonder why things are so complicated to others while for others seem to be like a big woven tapestry of adventure. Still others simple. But for me, life is fun. And I am always ready with my brush. Hehehe.

Some of my latest photograph. ;) Well, it's just a click away.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Colors of the Week

I just love to experiment. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008


group painting by my class

It's been quite some days that I did not post something on my blog. But anyway, I am here now. Splendid things had happened for the past few days. Some were disappointments but most were quite inspiring. I just miss my summer camp students. Will they still remember the lessons and the things that I taught them? All I can say is that I know once upon a time in their lives I've been a color in their canvasses.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Colors of the Week

When I'm not busy. ;)

The Parting

painting using strings

They say that parting is the hardest thing to do. But I say it's a memorable one for me. Today is the last day of our summer camp. There's so many things that were done for the supposedly last day. Well, the children that once entered here from the beginning of the summer class wears that face of uncertainty but now as I can see they were leaving the school with face marked with utter confidence and enjoyment. Well, it swells my heart every time I see them with those smiles and sometimes chuckles. These things were always an enigma of what it is to be a child. These young souls I know will someday continue the cycle of life. I am always hopeful that they will always endeavor to do their best in whatever role they will play in the scheme of life. Like the strings of paint, no matter how coiled the paths are but if you look at the whole picture and be as bright as the colors as always, constantly you will build a beautiful artwork.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tinge on my Basket

my painting of fruits

In the basket of fruits, I realized that we are like the baskets. The teachers are like baskets and the children are the fruits. We do not choose what kind of fruits God placed in our care. But we know that each fruit gives color and beauty to a simple-looking basket. So that when someone sees this basket he will utter, "Oh! what lovely and tasty fruits. A nice basket of fruits!" In return, we receive a recognition just because the fruits that we bear. I always learn new lessons from my children. There is always a new path for each journey. A tinge on my basket. A color of their own.
Whether we are new or an old basket, each fruit that we have will always leave a memory. A tinge on our basket.

The Picture Tells It All

The luminarias.
The song.
The Puppet.
Vacation Bible School or VFE (Values Formation Education) did really make a great experience afterall.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Under Construction: Peace

Today, I am so busy fixing my blogs adding stuffs and the likes. Anyway, I just want to leave a thought. "One that appears worthless may turn to be worthwhile afterall."

The image was captured when we made "luminarias" for our VBS. The message, I guess, is clear.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Birth

Every thing has a beginning. Each beginning is a step towards a wonderful journey. Each journey is unique. Each journey is a milestone of wonder. Strange as it may look but every grain or seed that falls to the ground holds some vast potentials. I am a mysterious creature. I am an extraordinary being. Why? Because in me holds an unimaginable power yet to be discovered.

I am a child. In a sense that the world around me is new. Everything that my senses perceive holds faculty of astonishment. Everything gives rise to an amazement. A wonder. Like a new book about to be opened. The world is not what it is. It is not complete. We are here to complete it.