Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No TKO's in Politics

Again, here I am blubbering about politics and this time it will be Manny Pacquiao who will kiss my a**. I don't get Manny when he said, “Pangarap ko talagang makatulong sa mga tao. Parang sa boxing din, nangarap akong maging world champion. So ginawa ko ang lahat para maging champion.... Alam mo marami din naman akong foundations pero hindi iyon enough para makatulong sa mga tao" (Yahoo).

So, what does he mean? He wants to run for Sarangani congressman for the sole reason of helping the people. Oh crap! This is a very good intention. But, is clean intention enough? Is he capable of standing alone and leading the people? Or, will he just ask his political advisers just the way he asked strategies from Coach Roach? Let me tell you Manny, I appreciate your stance, your vigor and stamina inside the arena (by the way, congratulations again!) but the fierceness of politics will be too much for you to bear. I don't think good intention coupled with enthusiasm will be enough. You have to know the law, the loopholes, pros and cons. *sigh* Manny should not listen to the people around him, for he is just showing how he can easily be persuaded by others.

Walang TKO sa kahirapan ng Pinas! Wake up Manny! Please, not the politics.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kiss My A**!

Well, I think the Filipino people nowadays are intelligent enough to buy the political ads of the presidentiables. There are more smart and educated voters now. But again, it should never be underestimated since every vote still counts. Each of our vote will be the shining beacon of hope for our despairing country. Our Philippines is slowly dying because of too much politicking, corruption and greediness. Just imagine this, using your wealth to promote your presidency through TV ads without getting anything? Oh! Manny Villar can kiss my a** if he will not get something from our country. What, he will use our country as a collateral for the wealth he dissed for his so-called anti-poverty campaigns? *sigh* The officials should wake up now. The Filipino people are learning.

If we commit the same mistakes of voting undeserving officials, I'm sure we will all plunge into what we can consider the Dark Age of our history. Enough said.