Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reklamo Again

I like to do so many things but it seems I am coming to the day's end. Too sad. The school year's about to end. Time to declutter. Imbibe a life of positive paradigm and dispose cynical views. Live a life of comfort without compromising diligence. Expectations. dami nun sa work. hahay:( But kakainins pa rin kasi even though ayaw mo nang gawin ang "certain thing" in life, ginagawa mo pa rin for whatsoever divine reasons. Well, nakakaaliw naman ang mga ka-ekekan sa life. Little things that sometimes bother you and become infuriating, however if you stretch your rope and your reason becomes undeniably pleasurable. Worthwhile experience eh. Kakainis na nga minsan lalo na pag wala ka nang magawa. Lunok-laway ka na lang. Hate and love this life. Keep it coming baby...

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