Friday, March 19, 2010

On Picnic and Tug-of-War

This afternoon, the children had picnic to formally close the school year. Hehehe. I'm giggling right now. It was a blast! So much fun. 'Yon chibogs to the max ang mga bata, at siyempre kami na din. It was a potluck, so sharing ang message noh. There were pizzas, cakes, puto, pasta, chicken, cookies and dozens of hungry mouths. Lol. After eating, we played the "walang kamatayang" tug-of-war and mind you, the dusts on my feet and my shirt are not enough to tell the real story. Sobrang saya talaga. A good way to end the school year...Laughter.
Siyempre, una mga Grade 1 vs Grade 2. Hala bira! It was a struggle. Kung baga, "eat the dust baby!" yung drama. It was quite windy outside and...dusty, as well. Pero tuloy pa rin. Ika nga nila, tuloy ang laban. So hila, hatak, hila, hatak...and guess who won? It was the Grade 1 students! Then next, Grade 3 vs Grade 4. Pull, pull, and more pull. And the Grade 4 won. Then comes the most exciting part, Level 1 vs Level 2 children. Of course, sangkatutak ang dami ng Level 1. Still, go pa rin sina kuya at ate, wanting to prove something. And there goes the small guys itching to beat their senior schoolmates. Hatak, hila, hatak, hila.... Dust, sweat, frowned ad struggling faces were the silent witnesses of that game. Bira doon, hatak dito. Hulaan nyo sino nanalo? Of course, the Level 1. But ayaw pumayag ng mga kuya, so a rematch was done. And still the older ones, proved to be unfavored by their number, lost the game. They just end it with a smile.
It was a great day! I'll post the pictures next time. ;)

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