Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Accomplishments

Wow..finally i'm done with my PTC. So tiring, yet so rewarding. There are so many things to plan now ,and , put to action those plans. Hahaiz..Natapos din. Prepare na naman for the next maka-nosebleed na mga work. 5 days na Teacher's Summit, vacation galore (sleep all day ang drama), and then summer camp class (madugong work load na naman)... Well, i'm enjoying every bit of it, yung tipong dina-digest ko ng piece by piece. Work can be demanding but ika nga ni Grover Cleveland, "Honor lies in honest toil." Oh di ba? Kahit naman bleeding to death na ang work attitude mo, at least it's an honor for you. Self-fulfilment kung baga. Lol.

things na na-accomplish ko for today:
1. Finish the DepEd promotional report
2. my PTC (parents-teacher conference)..finally done!'s been a week na since i've been doing this noh!
3. Materiasl Inventory report - sumakit likod ko dito..huhuhuh..
4. assist sa Graduation practices - oi finally!...hahahaha..'gratz for the graduating class and moving up Casa children..wetowew!
5. matulog ng maaga (10:30 pm!)..kagabi pa to actually..feeling refreshed na me now..
6. kumain ng sundae, pagkatapos ng post na ito..wahahahaa..

I miss Timmy, cute boy...

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goyo said...

salamat sa pagbisita sa tambayan ko.. :) mind putting me in your blogroll? :) salamat.