Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gaga's B-Day!

Happy Birthday Gaga!

Honestly, I like her music, though most lyrics and videos are explicit. It's actually the beat that catches me. She looks and acts weird, but as an artist, it's really part of the package. You can never eat a fruit without dealing with the skin. You can never understand her music unless you learn to set aside your stereotypical tendencies. Some songs were actually, truthfully saying, weird or absurd in a way the lyrics are written (e.g; Christmas Tree, Teeth). However, some of my faves are a hit both in musicality and message, like Wonderful, Speechless, Alejandro, Fashion, Let Love Down. She alone can be the embodiment of pop while being an avatar of fashion atrocity. Lol. Whatever she has now is what she really deserves. She worked for it. Her morality issues are hers to deal with. As a listener, I care less with that. I just appreciate her music. She's planning now for her third album. Go go Gaga!


Rah said...

Im a secret fan of lady gaga :)

jayvie said...

one of her best songs ever =)