Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Death, Life and Tattle-tales

Whew..it's been months since I visited and posted something in this blog. It's quite frustrating to know that the year is beginning to end and another time for a new beginning. The pun of words. hehehe. It was like "You have something to post!...Ah never mind that. For a while, I am busy." Procrastination kills. And I am dead. Now. Well, I have so many thoughts to account with. *sigh* It's like the pressure is pushing you left to right. Life and art are waiting yet work is always there to spice things up ,or, shall we say, to squeeze your brains and muscles out. Work is an art. It's good and it's fulfilling but sometimes it just is tiring. *sigh*
Well, what will you do to those children that are quite not pleased already with their schooling because of peer, emotional and academic predicaments in school? Basically as a teacher, I find it quite disturbing and disheartening especially if the child is doing things in school which are already emotionally eating him or her. It's like, you want to help but you know you will just invade their privacy. However open-minded as they are, they sometimes want to do things or try things based on their decisions or prerogatives. Talking about freedom and choice. Adolescent children. *sigh* They cannot understand their feelings, trying to probe their worth in this world and attempting to answer the questions that creep in their minds. Teacher as I am, it sometimes is disturbing to see these children quite disappointed in school. Am I not inspiring enough? It's just another question. Brrrr...Well, well, well.. God bless me. I love my children.
I remembered just this morning telling each one of them "I love you", and some find it disturbing or uncommon for a male teacher to utter those words. Actually it's mixed reactions. Some find it amusing, others fulfilling while others alarming. *sigh* I just love the way they react. It's the first time I said this to them. And I will not tire saying those words again and again.