Monday, June 9, 2008

I Remember the First Day...

the Abba's Orchard Montessori School
Tomorrow is the first day of school. As I sit down in front of the computer memories of the past flashes before my eyes. I remembered my first day as an assistant. Then my first day as a teacher. And now the first day of a new journey. Another dawn.

This is my essay about it.
They said that first times got to be the memorable one. Well all i can say is "it sure is!" It's been the first day of class in Abba's Orchard. It was a blessed day, a day of another opening for school year, another day for a journey ahead and a day , for sure, for another mission. The streets are busy as each vehicle paved their way amidst the slow rustling of leaves. The wind was calm and everything was as peaceful as the gentle rays of the sun. Yes, everything's celebrating the harmony and I am one of them. Dub! dub! my heart beats as the wheels of the taxi approached the welcoming gates of the school. Smiles covered by the long vacation unearth its way on each child's countenances as they greeted each other. I can feel the inner joy and anticipation among them, the excitements as i trod my way on the hall. "Hi sir!, Hi miss!" Greetings was there and here. No paper can unfold such a mystery of happiness that crept my inner soul as I hear those words and see the smiles in their faces. There's my room and there is Ms. Jeni too, silently waiting and giving a reassuring smile to the children. We had a smooth flag ceremony that morning and...Riiinngg! The day was off for a start. Hmmm...There's my little corner, there's my place. There's where Ms. Jeni put me. There in that little corner i first flashed that smile of contentment, of amazement, of appreciation. There is the place where i first caught a glimpse of another roll of friendship, a yet untold friendship with the children. That's the corner where i spent my first day of the schoolyear. The little corner where i will spent my days of journey, the corner where i will spent my days with my mission. God must have place me in that corner to touch hearts, to burn the zeal of knowledge among the children, the corner where i will put my first key to unlock the children's soul. The hidden joys and untold stories will be growing in that little corner of the room, my stories, your stories and the stories of many.

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