Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hehehe..I am smiling. Well, another was done yet another fulfillment was accomplished. I cannot help but smile. :) Today we started the first day of school and it was quite an amusing experience. Of course all the students were from the previous school year's. The reaction was quite taunting, "Few students only? A boring class." Caught off-guard with that comment huh. But the reaction later changed when one student a time filled that seemingly spacious classroom. Greetings here and there. Mixed reactions actually. It caught the emotional man inside me. The initial reaction was then just a cover-up emotion for self-adjustment. Hehehe..Children really are quite exceptional. In every way I say. Hehehe...

The first students that were there were Jules, Lance, Abby, Airah, Bea and Joel. I really miss these young souls. It's just so fulfilling to see them working quietly and with so much concentration. Hmmm..Brings the proud teacher out of me. Hehe..I just smile and thank God. A fitting way of ending the day. :)

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