Thursday, June 5, 2008


There will be four days before the start of the class and I am already excited and nervous at the same time. You see there will be new and old students in my class. Whew! For the record, this will the first time I will handle a class by my own without being under the wings of someone senior to me. I know there are so many expectations. All things will be crucial for this journey. I really don't know what is laid for me in the future. But one things is for sure that there will be a roller coaster ride ahead. There will be plenty if ink on my canvass and it will be a little messy but it will be fun. There are times I wonder why life is quite enigmatic. I remembered last night when I watched Forrest Gump (boy, I love the movie!), I wonder why things are so complicated to others while for others seem to be like a big woven tapestry of adventure. Still others simple. But for me, life is fun. And I am always ready with my brush. Hehehe.

Some of my latest photograph. ;) Well, it's just a click away.

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