Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Parting

painting using strings

They say that parting is the hardest thing to do. But I say it's a memorable one for me. Today is the last day of our summer camp. There's so many things that were done for the supposedly last day. Well, the children that once entered here from the beginning of the summer class wears that face of uncertainty but now as I can see they were leaving the school with face marked with utter confidence and enjoyment. Well, it swells my heart every time I see them with those smiles and sometimes chuckles. These things were always an enigma of what it is to be a child. These young souls I know will someday continue the cycle of life. I am always hopeful that they will always endeavor to do their best in whatever role they will play in the scheme of life. Like the strings of paint, no matter how coiled the paths are but if you look at the whole picture and be as bright as the colors as always, constantly you will build a beautiful artwork.

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