Friday, January 21, 2011


This is my first post since new year came. The start of this year has been good so far. Personal life is good. Love life is also good, in fact superb. Career ( I like to call it work) is also good, except for some stressful days which I think is really inevitable.

There has been so may things happening to be in a grateful mode and mood. Hehe. Anyway, the year that passed had been a fruitful one, in all aspect that is. Although there were periods of passiveness, it was a productive one.

Anyway, I've been busy with my journal. Hehehe..I will just post later about so and so. Hehehe..Here's a poem that I made. Care to comment.

ode to the worm

the worm,
silly, newly spawned
somewhere else
crawling on the immaculate,
floor oblivious to
its surroundings
mindful of its struggle,
struggle to self
the selfish awakening
its milky innards
beckoning the dangers
of oblivion
of Death
whose sinister smile
runs its sickle on its head,
the squirming body.

the humans,
silly, spawning everywhere
crawling on their bellies
with thoughts
of greed,
pursuing, corrupting the
ever-changing world,
immaculate that was
humming in their universe
the sound of its end
beckoning the Armageddon
their bodies writhing
pleasures of
ungodly treasures,
malicious ventures,
atrocious behaviours,
crawling their way
to their graves,
with Death sweetly
smiling its embrace
coldness on its shoulder
staring in darkness
standing near the door
holding on its sickle
slicing through their heads.

Yet redemption.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice poem also..keep it up..