Tuesday, July 17, 2012

why blog?

Dear Reader,

Writing is not my passion, though I really try to force it in my system like forcing an amino tablet in one's mouth. Ask the bodybuilders how big it is. I don't feel the Cloud 9 experience. What I feel instead is like putting Hulk in a "bartolina" (small cell). I can almost smell the steamy sweat of pressure and the throbbing pain of the inevitable stress that follows. I just love to share my ideas, my thoughts, my fears. I just love to tell you what's in my puny mind. I just love to show you the strength of one's thought if exhaustively used. I just want to share me.

I know anyone can read this and so I know I can tap on anyone's mind. See the advantage? I can stay in your mind for quite some minutes. You are basking under my short-lived power. I am a power-tripper. That's why I like to share ideas because I know you will spend time agreeing and disagreeing with me. You become intertwined with my ideas. This experience is familiar because I become one with the characters when I read a book and I always become the alive audience when I read one's work. I am always overpowered when I do such things. It's just like conversing with someone over a cup of coffee. Warm. Candid. Casual. True. Irresistible.

This brings me to the idea of blogging. I like the idea of being anonymous to the world yet felt in presence. It's like sitting in the Congress. You know what I mean. I know that somewhere out there a pair of prying eyes or a curious mind is reading my thoughts. And I want it. To you my dear reader, I'm talking personally and I'm not convincing you to believe what I wrote. They are either products of imagination, of tantrums or of boredom. Although I don't equate them to nonsense pieces, I still don't encourage you to value their thoughts. But it will be flattering if you do so.

Why do I blog? I am always asked by my conscience. Way back 2008, I had the thought of blogging as a safe for my insane thoughts. Because of a friend (you know who you are, or were), my blog now is a toxin-dispersing machine. But thanks for being my short-time publicist. Currently, it is either spreading epiphany of thoughts or planting insane ideas. I am not a cynic, though, I like to play with my cynical mind. And I blog to plant my insane thoughts here in cyberspace. I am the other side of the coin. I blog because I want to express. Period. Express what? Anything. Even things imagination has not reached. Life is short and I am running out of it. My blog is not a hobby, it is my memory. It is my memory safe.

To you my reader, I keep them safe here.

Yours truly,



Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sa blog kasi puwede masabi ang hindi masabi sa kapwa.....nag blog din ako para mag share mga sinulat ko..

glentot said...

sounds like goodbye post naman to...

mjomesa said...

oi hindi pa ako namamaalam noh... nag-eemote lang..wahaha

Rah said...

Ideas are more persuasive than violence. What matters is the kind of idea in the service of which violence is used. The sword can destroy violently, written ideas may also violently destroy, but moreover, ideas expressed by what is written - can also build.