Thursday, June 10, 2010

i'm on a reading spree. stop me.

Remember my Moleskin journal? It's slowly feeling the pressure of my comments, lambasting whims, criticism brouhahas, juvenile censorship which were actually in some way or another cushioning the repressed emotions I broil inside me. A wannabe writer? A frustrated poet? Name it, I don't want it. Lol. I'm just on a reading spree and I'm knocking the books on my shelf one at a time. And God, how they bleed. Lol. Without further ado, I present to you the parade of books I just chewed and digested.

The Hobbit (JRR Tolkien)
What could I say? This book is quite a good read if you opted for adventures, dragons, goblins and dwarves and all those swashbuckling so-and-so's. Need I to mention the Lord of the Rings? Enough said. JRR Tolkien is really a storyteller and a good one.

Makes me want to read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I'm currently scavenging for a copy. *sigh*

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
(Mark Haddon)
Story of an Asperger-inflicted 15 year-old child. Interesting? Absolutely. If you have watched "Adam", then I bet you will understand that this book is quite interesting as it was uniquely narrated at first-person perspective by a savant. The chapters were numbered using prime numbers which was quite a catch for me. I was like, huh? Do I really need to read this? If you were to hear from pundits, then some would say this book would be a boring recipe. But, acknowledging the fact that this deals with Asperger's, I'd rather shrug the idea. No mistake, it was a good choice. The plot was like induction-induction-climax-climax-denouement-denouement-drooooppp! That was actually the flop side of the book. It ended immediately, robbing me of the element of self-reflection, rather harassed by the element of surprise.

The Client (John Grisham)
Courtroom drama turned action with a child-lawyer relationship riveted by mafia intervention. That would suffice I think. Heheh. Anyway, this was actually a re-read book. I just don't read the book again if I don't find it entertaining and educating, the latter one being the main ingredient of a good book. I consider this book my first major addiction. A Grisham work of genius.

Plan of watching the movie, but I'm afraid it may ruin my already-fossilized impression of this book. Suggestion?

Twisted 7 (Jessica Zafra)
She's the bitch you'll meet in Hell and you'll be proud you meet her, but sadly in Hell. Actually the book shares the twisted ideas of Jessica Zafra. I got hooked of her Twisted series but since I was still deciding whether to buy them, I've contented myself with rigorous and patient skimming, rather reading of these in National Bookstore. The read's for free. Haha!

Gone for Good (Harlan Coben)
This one's on my menu every night starting last night. The reason why I got those Edward Cullen circles under my eyes. Deal with it. Haha. I'm currently reading it. Can't get the whole point yet, hey, I'm still on the second chapter but my friend said that this one's a good catch. Want to prove this firsthand. I'm on a reading spree really and I'm eager to devour this book.

Haven't you noticed I don't give lengthy summary? Excuse me seƱoritos and mademoiselles, spare me of your homework! I don't want to deprive you of your firsthand experience of the book. I'm not a sucker for spoilers! Johnny Reader, keep on reading! By the way, my Moleskine book journal's getting filled. I'll show someday. Ciao. Ciao.


roanne said...

i was able to read the curious incident of the dog in the night-time, interesting, i just find it predictable especially the last part... it just ended simply that way...

Sendo said...

busog na busog ka talaga siguro..ang sipag mong magbasa kahit walang exam yan!!! sumisipag lang ako magbasa pag me katumbas na exam eh! T_T

Jepoy said...

you're entry reminded be to get my ass up and read my pending books :-S Gusto ko ng twisted ni Jessica Zafra, peram! LOL

khantotantra said...

try ko nga basahin twisted.

glentot said...

I always see the Dog in the Nighttime thing... pero I know it's something I won't buy but would like to read... but really won't buy.

Dhon said...

i love jessica zafra and JRR tolkien

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

hey mj. i see you have time now to read. hehehe. i've read harlan coben before and ive read gone for good way back i think in 2008. Also try his book JUST ONE LOOK. I think it's better that Gone For Good. check out my list of all the books that ive read on my blog hehehe. here's the link. maybe you can get books that you want to read next. I also read the client and i guess half of john grisham's works. and of course the best book of all time for me. the lord of the rings trilogy. i read the trilogy first before and then the hobbit. if you want more fantasy after the lord of the rings, try reading SHANNARA SERIES by Terry Brooks, THE SWORD OF TRUTH by Terry Goodkind and A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by G.R.R. Martin. I've read all of these books and they're fantastic.No kidding. I also hope that the hobbit film will have a green light, since problems are keeping it at bay for shoot. hehehe. Take care and GOD bless!

Rah said...

ang lucky mo, dami mo time magbasa :D

Fjordan Allego said...

buti ka pa na nakakapagbasa-basa pa. Buti ka pa may time. Nainggit naman ako. Nabasa ko na yung The Hobbit nung college pa ako, nung may free time pa ako. Ngayon kasi, aside from review mode for board exam, work mode din ako.

Namiss ko nang magbasa ng mga books na hindi engineering relates.

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Anonymous said...

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He's a bookclub buddie, and we bookworms support each other's addiction--whether pushing or buying, LOL.