Sunday, June 13, 2010

this is what i call "the last supper and the rest".

The Last Supper. A subject of many paintings. The real 'Last Supper'.

And the rest.

Girbaud fashion

The Sopranos

Shucks, The Simpsons


Battle Star Galactica


some leather event ad in Folsom Street

gamble ad

rat killer ad and a LS-inspired zombie drawing

See how the world digressed from the real essence of the message imparted by the Last Supper.


Sendo said...

ayos ung sa lost!

khantotantra said...

Grabe, andaming imitation ng last supper. anlupit ng pagkakasearch mo sa mga pics na yan.

Ruperto Prieto Jr. said...

that's just sad....why do they do that? a shame...

lars (not my real name) said...

to gain market perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The Last Supper would resonate in any culture or society, I think--rich as it is with all the high dram of human--and divine--existence.

Love, faith, betrayal... you name it, it's there.

Diamond R said...