Friday, November 5, 2010

mused with life.

It was a busy afternoon. Everyone bustled on the streets and the long dreary sun threw streaks of hatred and blood-curdling heat. The wind was blowing long dry gust of seemingly desert air with wisps of barbecue aroma and morning sweats. Each individual nailed on his own affair without the mind of turning their burnt necks. A misshapen lady was busy with her trade amidst the bellowing jeepney drivers. The clamoring market cradled themselves around shadows of disheveled piles of clothes and draperies. A total scene of morning business which I knew was a signal again of a long and tedious day.

I turned around the bend with thoughts mesmerized by those random musings. Well, life was quite a simple complication of things. Sigh. Phew! Another day of uncertainties. "Hey, where are you heading?", asked a rather mused "konduktor" (the driver's assistant) at my lost-in-translation look. "Thanks, but no thanks. Be just in the corner." I stopped first sighting those big trucks running and leaving only traces of black dusts and smokes. The lamp post beside the road must have been a pathetic witness of these city bustlings. My vision tried to scan all the angles of these and then there I saw her. She was rather bludgeoned by long and lonely years. In her eyes mirrored a thousand woes of uncertainties and dubious thoughts. Her body outlined with deathly stabbed of hunger. Her coat rather unkempt which left her with a look of a miserable old witch.

With eyes full of emptiness she crossed the street and there on one corner I stand watching her closely. All the world must have been an audience of this misery but ignorant enough to do anything. She crossed the streets still with all the grace that was left to her. But when she was about to finish that long exodus, a screeching sound hollered from nowhere and send her reeling on the streetside. A painful ghastly sound of shouts was heard from the people around.

The people gathered around and I was one with them. There she lied down with blood sputtering from her mouth. With one last strength and with all the hopes remaining in her, she cried "MEOWWW..." Then she died. Painfully. A cat.

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Rah said...

poor cat. RIP cat. :(