Tuesday, November 23, 2010

of clothes and comfort.

Arrange your life like this.
Life is like clothes, at least for me. As I open my clothes cabinet ( I do not exactly know how to name it, it's the zipper-type thingy), I realized that my life is like the clothes I am wearing, or the pile of clothes I'm having. I'm not into clothes, although it pains me to look at the malls and sometimes in the Lookbook for some dandy suits and posh clothing. Who in this world would not want them? But then again, truth will hurt because I will still get the same old shirt I have, the comfortable hugger, and go outside and shrug the trains of thoughts I just have. And life will be the same life again, always, minus the sophisticated picture I just framed in my mind. I am a dreamer. That's it.

My clothes are like veils of confidence. I always wear my mood together with them. I can even remember when one student told me, "Sir, you wore that shirt like last week." I can just flash a bashful smile and retort, "But what you have now is what you wore a day ago". And we will just laugh. I wore what I considered to be my confidence cloak. I was not mindful, even if I wore the exact thing again and again and again. It's like staying in my comfort zone. And then I realized that my life was a patch of comfort zones. My life comes in and goes out in the same door and I just care less about it. Sometimes I ask myself if this is just sheer indifference or just plainly going-with-the-flow habit. And I would just ignore these thoughts because I don't know the answer either.

I prefer comfort, that would be my defense. But it won't hurt to digress sometimes. I always have that thought. *grinning* Always.
One child asked me,"What's the most comfortable thing in life Sir?"
Me: "To defecate."


bulakbolero.sg said...

unte lang ang damit ko. kaya kung may damit kang naguulit every week. e sakin e minsan sa isang week na yon e 2x ko nagagamit. ganon ako kapobre.

at ayus ang entry mo ah.

ngaps,e panu kung wala kang damit tulad ng mga tambay sa kanto? edi di ka confident pag ganun? parang kabaliktaran sakin. parang pag hubad ako mas siga ako. lol

at... bakit interesado ka ke bok?

mjomesa said...

@bulakbolero: hahaha..mas siga talaga pag hubad ba..wahehehe..

MOKS™ said...

ako naman hindi ko pinapamigay yung mga damit ko kahit maliit na may pagka senti kasi ako..collection ko kasi yun..hahaha

mjomesa said...

@moks: ganun? ano yan pamana mo sa anak mo? weeee

Ester Yaje said...

tama, masasaktan ka lang talaga sa twing mag wi-window shop ka at ang ending eh yung lumang damit mo lang pala ang afford mong suotin.