Saturday, June 15, 2013

dad's day

I have never been so open in terms of showing affection to my Dad. Culture or the upbringing play great roles perhaps, but entirely I don't give a crap about this. In Philippine setting, boys showing affection to their dad seems somewhat a taboo. Just a thought though. I love my Papa, as I call him. He has been the pillar of my principles and everything that I learned about manliness or the like, I solely attribute it from him. My Dad is my hero. When all the boys in the world look at cartoon characters or superheroes as the epitome of strength and manly power, I look up at my Dad as my Superman.

I barely talk to my Dad about my life, my problems and my triumphs. I barely talk to him about school. I barely talk to him about girls. Pardon me, but I don't talk about girls to my Dad at all. My Dad scores high in this area and I, although I have a girlfriend right now, has not made much a scene in this area. However, my Dad has been a good role model to me. Our relationship is based on a mute trust, literally and figuratively. 

I remember when I was still a young kid, perhaps 8 years old, when I verbally abused my Papa. I don't know if it was due to stress (Kids do get stressed out sometimes) or the early kick of hormones or I was plainly stupid and rebellious. Like a modern day drama, I told my Dad, "you're a worthless piece of Dad...blah, blah, blah", along with a sickening, threatening eyes that could summon hell and heaven at the same time and a voice mustering all courage. But unlike fairy tales, I didn't have my happily ever after after  that, I was dumbfoundedly sick hearing myself utter those words. I was like slapped by an invisible hand and my conscience hurt. Right there and then, I apologized to my Papa with tear-drenched eyes. As fast as my short-lived courage welled-up from me was how fast my humility soared back to earth. From that time on, I never ever try to be stupidly brave again. 

Papa loves me and I can feel it even across seas and Philippine regions. And today, I honor him by being a grateful son. Love you, Pa. I know you won't be able to read my post, but who knows? 

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citybuoy said...

:( happy father's day