Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life is a teacher.

When i was still in high school, I pictured myself landing in a job where chalk and boards are present. I do not imagine myself in a classroom jampacked with pre-pubescent or pubescent individuals. To cut it, I don't see myself immersed in a place of teaching, with myself as a teacher. But life sometimes is just so unpredictable. I'm a teacher now. Yes, no chalks but marker pens, with youngsters of different characters some of which can drive you insane. I can just easily get out of this setting but, you see, it's my fifth year now. Flipping back through the past chapters of my life as teacher, I can't do anything but be mesmerized by the carousel of experiences. They became my teachers. Every day, they make me a child. And everyday, I build a child. Sitting there on my chair and attending to every child's needs and whims (hehehe), I can't help but flash a smile. This is not me. Hehehe...But when I see the children, when I envision what will they become, I came to realize that there are times that one has to sacrifice something to build another one. I have to forget myself and think of what I can impart to these children. It's hard but it's fulfilling.
Life is a teacher. And my life as a teacher starts every day.

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