Sunday, February 28, 2010

Touching Lives

Once God has touched you, you’ll
never be the same.

"There’s no time to waste, there’s so much to celebrate."

Yes, there’s so much to celebrate to life than any other else in this world. When I was so preoccupied with things that this human heart crave for,I learned that everything was dull, lifeless and empty. Vague as it may appear but I knew i already lost something that was meant to be worth rejoicing at that moment. The details no matter how visible they were, my eyes were yet stigmatized by an obvious spectacle. was near but my eyes are focus on something far beyond this reason could attain.

But lately, realization spanked me in my face. It’s as if everything is clear. The fog is removed. I learned to value life not because life has more to offer but it’s that I can offer life, a life that is far beyond this little hands of mine can give. I understand that each little act of kindness in itself the blood of life, the one that sustains all. I wondered why our existence continues to run its phase here on earth and it dawned upon me that it’s because of those little kindness that I gave and received everday. Such kindness too little to add a weight on the scale yet too big the equivalent in the heart of those needing it and giving it. To give means not to love but sustain love. Love, the all powerful life source where humanity gets its strength and survival continually begets life.

Before I don’t know where can i find such inner peace and communion. The one intimate relationship that this heart longly search. I tried everything to find this peace. And I realized that I found it in the smiles of a pupil, in the corners of the classroom, in the piles of books, journals and papers. I just laughed the idea but i savored every moment of it.The hands of God working here inside this place of solitude. I valued each of it. The work of the innocence was my work of ignorance dawned by mystical knowledge. Knowledge that only God can offer. The children I am handling now are the incense offering that i will offer in the altar of the Most Loving Father. And this children in whom I sow the seeds of love and joy will grow and rise with their Father. And I,
being the gardener will watch them. For once in my life, I somehow touched lives that touched also mine.

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