Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'm torn between two roads,
One facing the wide open sea,
the other, lush green meadows facing me,
Should I stay or should I be free?

The sea beckons the sail to freedom
Of dreams and happiness beyond
Alas! Did I just ask myself?
Do I really know how to swim?

My heart yearns for that open sea
But I can't, for to leap is suicide
Unacceptable troubles and curse
These my mind can't comprehend.

The meadows offer the safety, Life wants
the bondage, secured but pure pretense
Here I am succumbed to this place
To dig my nails on this earthly cage.

Will I risk my life for that open sea?
Or will I stay here and be safe?
Of that I'm sure I'm coward
This thing I'm brave enough...I'll not admit


Sendzki said...

whew...magsunggo pud ta...pero hinaut makadecide na kag tarong kung asa or unsa ^_^

mjomesa said...

@sendzki: hahaha..may deeper meaning yan eh. idinaan ko na lang sa tula. lol.