Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i am gay.

That was not me. I just summarized Ricky Martin's statements in three words. Oh c'mon, you're making my sphincter twitch! Aside from the fact that my Honey will kill me, I will be wasting my balls for nothing. Better waste it for my next generation of offspring than be rendered futile, or worst, imbecile. So why did I talk about this one?

Well, I read the TIME magazine a while ago and came across with the article about David Ho, a man who could probably beat AIDS. Scientific Messiah? Sounds like. When I read the article, I could almost feel all his victorious and discouraging moments. From the moment he was awarded as the TIME's Person of the Year in 1996, his life changed. With this award came great expectations and burden. Well, if you could be Spiderman, the people would always feel they could just haphazardly carry on with their lives expecting that someone will save their pathetic asses. The same with Ho, the world's at watch with him as he unravels the possibilty of reaching the seemingly unreachable end of AIDS. Everyone's expecting. Oh c'mon my sphincter twitched again!

The cure (not the exact word though, I'm afraid) was made possible because of the drug named Ibalizumab. It is an entry inhibitor drug, which is still under extensive experimenting, developed by Taimed Biologics. It works by binding to the CD4 receptor on T-cells. Once it's there, it cannot connect anymore with the other surface of T-cells, making it unable to infect other healthy cells. Are you still okay? (I can see your nose bleeding.) Well, to cut it short, it locks the surface of the T-cell so that it won't contaminate other cells. It's like castrating the virus by introducing marriage. LOL. But there's a loophole here which the scientists were actually working on. Let's just cross our fingers. I'm crossing mine now.

So going back to my question, why did I talk about being gay a while ago? Because the world thinks if you're gay, you have a big BAR CODE on your head signiying you're a CARRIER. Teet! Bang! You're gay, you've got AIDS, you're doomed. So stereotypical. So pathetic (for a conclusion). So human. Maybe gays are really powerful creatures to have this kind of reputation. Just too bad.

With the advent of the rumored "cure", we hope the world will be more careful and vigilant. And if this were successful, I hope you could afford to procure it. Hahaha.


Luis Batchoy said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. balik ka ha!

Jhiegzh said...

I totally agree! Thanks for the info or the summary I mean!...

The Rookie Blogger said...

he pulled through

gillboard said...

gay din ang mga lesbians, right?

pero they have the lowest incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS included) among sexually active adults.

la lang.. feeling kuya kim.

Sendo said...

tingin ko dahil sa drug na yan ay magkakaroon ng zombies...magkakamali si david ho at tuluyan ng mabibigyang buhay ang mga palabas na zombies at magkakatotoo..parang LEFT FOR isa ako sa survivors haha..kaya sana indi cure sa AIDS yan...sana yung pang I AM LEGEND haha