Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Whoever the leader is, let's help out, huwag na tayong maging pasaway."

As was said by Rico Blanco, a former member of Rivermaya and a member of the hopeful voters of our Philippine Incorporated. Click HERE.

The message was lucid as it was conspicuous. We, Filipinos, rely too much on our national leaders for the progress of  our own country. It's as if the whole managerial functions are solely the work of the national leaders, particularly the President. When everything goes smoothly, we are all heads-up in praise; but when things go the sloppy side of the hill, we end up acrimoniously batting our blames to the officials (which sometimes are true, *bitchy*). I can only nod my head in approval on what R. Blanco had said, and shudder at the same time for the self-awakening truth. We can only point our forefingers and blame blah blah blah, yet forget to look at the other fingers pointing furiously at us. Fancy that! I just don't know where we got these genes of precariously blaming someone and fault-finding. From Spaniards? From the Americans? From the Japanese? Or from the monkeys? Nope. The monkeys will certainly retaliate, "Have you seen a monkey blame a monkey for a failure? Have you seen a corrupt monkey? Have you seen a monkey raped a monkey?" The monkeys will think us as abominable creatures if we decide we descended from their "noble" lineage. Kraaa..kraaa..kraaa. 

R. Blanco, like most of the Filipinos, hopes to see a glorious Philippines with his fellow countrymen helping each other in building the nation. Is it possible to have the "Golden Age" of the Philippines? The answer is not found on the brains of our incumbent or future leaders (nor in their pockets), rather it's in the hands of us, Filipinos. Even if it's the Pope who's already in MalacaƱang, as long as the people are selfish thieves, then the dream of utopian government will just be a mockery. 

The beacon of progress lies in the hands of the Filipino youth, plebeian, worker and any Filipino that strives, dreams and believes that a peaceful and corrupt-free Philippine government can exist.

Election Update: To those who did not concede yet, please spare your ego. Concede now. As in, now na! 


Ela said...

Even though I am very much anti-Noynoy, I do hope that he will prove me wrong by creating progress in our country. Sana magtagumpay siya.

Sendo said...

idol talaga kita magsulat haha

anyway....yeah right..go rico blanco...go mj...go philippines....ako ang simula!

The Reviewer said...

I am not pro-Noynoy but I recognize the legitimacy of his presidency being allowed by this country's democracy (through election). This is the reason why I am going to continue being a good citizen as I was during the Arroyo regime. Along with that, I will also monitor the leader that 30+ % of Filipinos voted for. He still needs to work as a President for the rest of the percentage (60+ %) na di bumoto sa kanya, di nakaboto for whatever reason at hindi pumiling bumoto bilang right nila to do so.

darklady said...

yeah i agree! dapat na magtulong tulungan na lang tayong mga Pilipino. At igalang ang nahalal na presidente.Dahil isa rin tayo sa gumagawa kung paano magiging maayos ang ating bansa.

Nga pala ang cute nung bell sa iyong bagong layout. parang totoo.^_^

Ghienoxs said...

lets support one another, stop the crab-mentality.. go Philippines.