Wednesday, May 12, 2010

post-election analysis.

The election is over, though the malaise of violence and deception still lurks within the contours of our brain matter. Who can shrug that idea? The numbers are still ramming their way up as the counting goes on but we cannot set aside the fact that the Philippines Incorporated is preparing its carpet now for its newly appointed CEO, Mr. Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino. Forgive me, I still can't call him President. I'm following my conscience's behest.

Do I have to submit (to the new CEO)? The answer will be an undeniable affirmation although my synapses are sending the opposite reply. I can hear the applause now, and the banners raised with the signage in bold yellow letters "Hindi pa ako magnanakaw!". I can hear them. Yeah, really, I'm trying.

As I read the papers this morning, I found out that Manny V. has finally conceded to Noynoy. I cant' help but be really teary-eyed. Blame it to the hot choco from McDonald's. Nah, really, I was moved by Villar's triumphant acceptance of the election's result proving that advertisement has been downplayed once again by increasingly visible and knowledgeable voters. Promising politicians, change your strategy as early as now! Manny V., as I have said "I was moved" but that doesn't mean I'd congratulate you for that.

These observations will not escape unscathed from my eyes (yours also, I bet):

1. 8 million Filipinos still hopes for the deposed J. Estrada to be their next President. My body's numb to think about it. Seriously? If it were not for "humba", I'd forget I'm a Filipino now.
2. About 40,000 Filipinos believed in JC de los Reyes. Do they really know him? Or they just happen to shade the wrong oval which calls for the touch-move rule. Just a thought.
3. Do we have to celebrate for J. Binay as early as now? Is he serious about his "Ganito kami sa Makati" campaign? Do I have to babble the phrase, "Ganito kami sa Pilipinas" now? takes time to practice you know.
4. I'm happy M. Defensor-Santiago's still in to do the Senate's household chores. Oops. She's really working. R. Revilla's on lead which means we still have a heartthrob-slash-hunky senator on the seat.
5. The Marcos' grandeur seemed not tarnished at all. Their defamation sneered. Imelda won a seat in the House of Representatives and her only son Bongbong M. appeared victorious for the 24-seat Senate. Oh, the Filipinos are forgiving. Or, we are just too scarred and calloused to feel and hear the woes of our past history. Oh, the Filipinos are forgiving.
6. Advertisements don't work anymore. Filipinos are intelligent voters now. Yeey! They use their hearts, not their minds. Hah!
7. Automated elections worked. Except for some regions. Do I smell tilapia here? Hope not.

Now that Noynoy Aquino will be the Philippine's next Commander-in-Chief, the next pinball of defamatory remarks and issues, the remedy for the pining Filipinos and the hope of the masses, let us just cross our fingers that he will be as strong as his deceased parents and not as debilitating as the most hopeless proletarian.


Rah said...

i am doubtful of his leadership skills. I have never seen him lead anything, not a bill, kahit man lang minority floor leader. At 40 years old nga he's was still living with his mama. Not a leader of his party, not even a breadwinner of a family. But, i'll support him nonetheless... nanjan na eh.

mjomesa said...

@rah..yeah, we're under his feet now..hahaha..

fiel-kun said...

Well the nation already spoke up and it's Noynoy for President ^_^

Simula pa lang naman... 6 years pa syang mananatili sa pwesto... lets just wait and see kung ano ang mga kaya niyang gawin.

nice observation btw... Ganito kami sa Pilipinas really caught my attention hehe.

Sendo said...

matagal na siya sa politics, and i would have never heard about him if not for his parents....meron palang Benigno Aquino III? dang...GIbo...huhuhu, sobrang nagluksa ako sa pagkatalo niya

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

he deserve to win naman talaga..katulad rin ni binay..

glentot said...

Amen about the Erap thing. If anything disappointed me about the elections, that was it.

khantotantra said...

there's a question on my mind. Are we doomed? The answer is yet unknown but i will try to support his plans but hopefully he wont evolved to a Trapo.

Lord CM said...

Sabi nga ng iba "Ano pa magagawa natin? anjan na yan eh!", ipagdasal na lang natin ang mga susunod na araw ng Pinas..

Noynoy News said...

i hope maging two-party system tayo if mabigyan ng chance for changes in the future. the practice of multi-party system kasi produces a minority president. mas maraming pilipino combined ang di bumoto kay noynoy. that sum still counts for something... kung two-party system tayo (or a bit modified sum when that happens)