Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a vampire's diary

Another poem from me, inspired by immortality and vampires.

thought you're reserved coz i knew for sure
your raiment, the way you looked, so pure
unblemished, i cared not to understand
to stare at you is an experience grand

but i discovered something, made me sad
to tattle-tale for me was just so bad
rather i beckoned my mouth to silence
endured the pain, did the penitence

constricted, the pain within my soul
grief-stricken, i was under your control
fooled, bereaved, my heart's a beating dead
to you i succumbed, your blood was my bread.

alas, your hell descended upon me
your chastisement yearned me to be free
i'm your Faust, your moment's finality
my maker, my death, my immortality.

here comes the king
x-ray dog


glentot said...

Bakit may tula-tulaan dito ikaw ba gumawa nyan... gusto ko ung last line...

karen anne said...

'love your new! watta boring poem!lol. joke. of course its nice..

Jepoy said...

Bagong lay out.

I love the last line too, lagi nalang na una ang dwende...

Alam mo bang tinapos kong basahin ung series ng vampire diaries i mean ung 3 books lang pala.

Na bwisit ako nung naging vampire yung babae nampota... Parang twiglight lang din LOL

Ayie said...

Ganda ng layout!

Nanonood ako nyan! Vampire Diaries...feeling teenager eh. hehe

mjomesa said...

@glentot: uu ako..mwahchupa

@karen: hmm, at nanglait pa..pahabol..thanks

@jepoy: hahaha..ganun ba? so boring xa?

@mommy ayie: thanks, char!

Sendo said...

at poet-poeto rin pala ikaw..oh my gas....multi-talented ka tol! wow..ayaw lang kahimong bampira haha/..pagkacorny nako haha