Sunday, May 9, 2010

philippines incorporated: the next CEO.

Who will you vote for this Monday?

This afternoon, we had a chat with our boss, who practically started the fire on this conversation. Talking about conflagration of thoughts at its purest form. We're inside the van on our way to the airport for our boss' flight. 8 of us. The inevitable topic which I think was the most probable topic of any human being there exist in this country, be it a child or an adult, would be the election this Monday. Aaww, the long-awaited day for our hopeless Filipino countrymen and the super-duper excited officials and wanna-be officials. Brother Eddie popped on my mind. Duh?

This day will be the busiest day in the entire history of the Philippines, not mentioning, of course, the previous happenings of the previous years. Set them aside. You might think they contribute, nah, for now the country's so busy prepping itself for the impending doom (or in better terms, the resurgence, our glory). The people nowadays don't care much about their history. This day will mark the day of infamy for those who have fingernail fetishes. Hahaha. Your nails will bathe themselves with that indelible ink, an obvious evidence of maybe-the-best or maybe-the-worst decision you will ever make in your godforsaken life. Who would care if you vote though? Bless your self because you will bestow upon the worthy (or imbecile) his ticket to his position. Cringe if you want, but that's the truth.

"Who will you vote for this Monday? Let's talk about this." Our boss seemed to be in his aggressive mood.

"I'll go for Noynoy. I think he's the only one with the heart to lead the people. What will we do with good credentials if later that President will just betray the trust of the people?"

Does he mean Gibo? He has good credentials, compared among the rest.

"Well, I'd go for Villar. I think he has the ability to lead the country given the idea that he has the experience, both as a Senator and as a businessman."

"Kaya nga, he is a businessman and has brought his business even in politics. Nakasabit yung C5 sa name nya eh. Pero ngayon pa naman siya nasira ng ganyan, 'di ba?"

What about his issue that prompted him to be removed from his office as the Senate President? Shall we give him an excuse? Excuse me, I have to be the President coz I just plundered my own cash here to reach this glorious position which only earns P60,000 a month. Beat that! Why, oh why?

"Ah, it must be Gibo. He has the credential. Read the articles about what he has actually done. Although there were minor issues about him but he had managed to clear his name from these."

"No, you should vote for Noynoy. I have this gut-feeling that he has the integrity and the right heart to lead. 'Hindi ako magnanakaw.' He has the promising legacy of hope that we Filipinos need in this dark hour of our existence." Schmaltz!

"Bakit naman tayo boboto sa kanya? E, as a Senator, wala nga siyang nagawa. If we are in a company, convince me why will I hire him if his previous record suggested that he has done nothing. Will I leave my Philippines Incorporated to someone who doesn't even work? By the way, may naipasa ba siyang batas? Kung di dahil sa parents niya, malamang nandiyan pa rin siya sa puwesto niya at wala pa ring ginagawa."

"At least hindi siya nagnakaw. Wala siyang issue ng pagnanakaw."

"But di ba parang pagnanakaw na din yon kasi hindi nga siya nagtrabaho. Kung ganoon man lang, si Dick Gordon at Bayani F. na lang iboto natin, kasi visible na may nagawa sila, di ba?"

Silence. Silence. Deafening silence.

"I think it will be Erap who will win, kasi when I asked the cab drivers, sabi nila pera naman daw sa sugal ang ninakaw niya. Yung kay Gloria, pera ng bayan."

"Brother Eddie can lead but he can't be expected to do it in a government. I admired him as a church leader, but to see him as a President will be debatable."

"Basta ako, ang iboboto ko ay si Jamby!" And everyone breaks into laughter.

This Monday, we will mark the start of change. Or is it? We can only cross our fingers, and our toes, (that if you can) as we begin to unfold another chapter in our Philippine history. As you let the ink flow into your fingers, let us hope that whoever you vote for will be the candidate of your conscience and not just the pulse of the media advertisements and surveys. These things should not be your benchmarks. The change lies in your decision. Not mine, coz I will not stain my fingernails. Sneer at me. Ciao!


Rah said...

magulo parin ang isip ko, hindi ko parin alam kung sino ang iboboto ko. Si gibo sana. Pero hindi mo ba napansin na ang vote kay gibo ay para kay gloria. Evidence walang kwenta ang tiket ng lakas cmd sa Senate, kasi nga balak nilang iabolish ang senate pag parliamentary na. Hindi imposible yon. I don't know. It's a toss up parin.

victor said...

LOLed at the Jamby joke. She has become the election's circus clown.

Anonymous said...

Kht naman cnu ib0to ntn.. C God parn ang magde2sisy0n.. Un lng po.. Nice post and opinion. Just dropping by..

gillboard said...

Jamby is this election's Eddie Gil...

Pero ako kung boboto ako, si Gordon sana... kaya lang di na eh...

mjomesa said...

@rah: GIBO ka na..

@victor: jajajajamby madrigal

@yraunoj: wow, religiously correct!

@gillboard: baket?

Jhiegzh said...

Yellow army here! :)

glentot said...

Nick Perlas.